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Home care provides advice and assistance to improve or maintain a persons capacity to manage everyday activities in a safe, secure and healthy home environment.

Our Care workers are there to support you in your home and are not a cleaning service. They will be required to use you cleaning products and vacuum cleaner.

Tasks that can be completed during Home Care:

Vacuuming (20 minute Intervals)
Empty / change vacuum bag
Mopping (20 minute Intervals)
Sweep (20 minute Intervals)
Sweep front & back entries to the home
Clean shower / bath
Clean basin
Clean toilet including base
Clean mirror
Wipe benches and cupboards
Wipe out Microwave and Fridge
Wash, dry and put away dishes
Clean oven (non caustic cleaner only)
Machine wash: Bed Linen, Towels and Clothing
Hang washing on clothesline
Place washing in dryer
Remove washing from clothesline / dryer
Fold washing and put away
Ironing (20 minute Intervals)
Strip and re-make bed
Change bed linen including doona cover
Clean interior windows/mirrors (to shoulder height)
Dusting with damp cloth
Empty rubbish bins into main bin
Put main bin out for collection
Unassisted Shopping (groceries, pay bills)

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