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What is Moira Foodshare?

Moira FoodShare is a community-based program to which food is donated from various sources, e.g. organizations, individuals and Foodbank Victoria in Melbourne.

Moira FoodShare is operated by MHA Care Limited and is run by a Coordinator and a team of dedicated and passionate volunteers. All of the volunteers have been trained in food handling and safety.

We support farmers, single parent families, people who are out of work or individuals and families just finding the going tough from time to time, within the community and surrounding rural areas.

Our volunteers will discreetly provide you and your family members with a substantial food parcel (approximately 1 week of food). This will be made up from whatever food commodities are available at the time. Stock may vary from time to time.

Volunteers at Warehouse Aug 18

How do I access Moira Foodshare?

Food Vouchers and Emergency Food Hampers can be accessed through our referring agencies:


St Vincent De Paul  

Shop 1, 3 Witt Street 

Ph: 03 5744 2460

Mon and Fri    1pm - 3pm

Yarrawonga Community Health Centre

30 Piper Street

Ph: 03 5743 8500 


Cobram Support Information Service (CSIS)

18 Pine Street                         

Ph: 03 5871 1085

Tue, Wed & Thu   10am - 2pm

St Vincent De Paul 

29 Main Street

Ph: 03 5872 1737


St Vincent De Paul

98-100 Melville Street

Ph: 03 5862 2650


Nathalia Community House

17 Harcourt Street

Ph: 03 5866 2449


St Vincent De Paul

Greg McNamara

Ph: 0408 831 911


 St Vincent De Paul

36 Jerilderie Street

Ph: 03 5886 1697

Mon, Wed & Fri   10am - 2pm


St Vincent De Paul

Ph: 0439 099 050


Moira Foodshare Locations

Cobram Foodshare:

Charles Street

Ph: 0419 809 171

Open: Monday to Friday 1pm to 3pm

Cobram Foodshare 1

Cobram Warehouse:

 116 Karook Street

Ph: 0419 809 171

Yarrawonga Foodshare:

Lynch Street

Ph: 0419 809 171

Open: Monday to Friday 1pm to 3pm

Yarrawonga Foodshare 1

Contact MHA Care on 03 5742 1111 for more information on the Foodshare Program

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